16 October
Launched at 16.45 to assist MFV with fouled propellor.

18 September
Launched at 18.23 to assist with search for suspected missing para-glider.

31 July
Launched at 14.48 to assist yacht with broken engine and jib.

11 July
Launched at 15.42 to assist catamaran struggling in adverse weather conditions.

10 July
Dungeness RNLI lifeboat tasked to small cabin cruiser taking in water.

4 July
Launched at 14:26 in response to a call for assistance from angling vessel with engine problems.

14 June
Launched at 19.00 to assist yacht struggling in adverse weather conditions 5 miles NE of Dungeness.

2 June
Launched to search for strobe lights reported in the English Channel

20 May
Launched at 03.53 to assist catamaran snared in fishing ropes.

11 April
Launched at 02.01 to assist 10 m fishing vessel broken down off Dungeness Point.

9 April
Dungeness lifeboat responds to missing windsurfer off Camber.

24 March
Launched on Saturday 24 March at 10.30 to a collision between two vessels, 6 miles due south of Dungeness.

3 January
Launched on 3 January in stormforce winds at 05.30 to a sail training yacht struggling in the heavy seas, 3 miles NE of Dungeness Point.