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Dungeness and Dover RNLI lifeboats launched in Storm Force 11 conditions to sail training vessel in trouble

Footage taken from onboard Dover RNLI lifeboat, who were assisting Dungeness RNLI in rescuing the crew of a sail training vessel in distress on 3 January 2012. The crewman onboard the casuality is Garry Clark from Dungeness lifeboat.

Volunteer lifeboat crew members from Dungeness and Dover lifeboat stations had a dramatic start to the new year when they launched to assist the crew of a sail training boat in major difficulty in storm force conditions.

The crew were requested to launch by Dover Coastguard shortly after 5.30am today (3 January) after a distress signal from a sailing training vessel, 'Liquid Vortex'. Her crew were reporting broken steering and other difficulties in bad weather, giving their position as three miles off Dungeness Point.

Dungeness RNLI's Mersey class lifeboat, Pride and Spirit, was launched and arrived to find the training boat floundering.

Judith Richardson, volunteer press officer for Dungeness RNLI, said: 'It was pretty horrendous out there by all accounts. Our crew got up alongside 'Liquid Vortex' and our duty coxswain, Mark Richardson, made three attempts to transfer a lifeboat crew member across to them. Their aim was to attach a tow line, but the conditions were just too rough and dangerous to make the transfer. It was blowing Storm Force 11 at the time, so one can only imagine how frightened those onboard the training vessel were.'

'The crew reported that, of seven people aboard 'Liquid Vortex', only one was in a fit state to assist with the transfer – the remainder were injured or suffering severe seasickness. Our crew eventually managed to transfer a crew member across and attach a tow line, then began towing the vessel to Dover. However, because of the severity of the weather conditions, the tow line broke three times.'

Dungeness crew felt that it was too dangerous to attempt to tow into Dover harbour by themselves and requested assistance from Dover RNLI lifeboat at around 8am. Dover launched their Severn class lifeboat, City of London II, to help with the operation.

Neither lifeboat were allowed into Dover harbour via the western entrance, because Dover Port Control had closed it due to the weather. Judith explained: 'In conjunction with port control, crews decided it was too difficult to get into the eastern entrance because the sea was so rough. Instead they decided to escort the vessel round to The Downs, nearer Ramsgate.'

In the meantime, RAF Rescue helicopter 125 was dispatched to the scene. A paramedic was winched down onto 'Liquid Vortex' and airlifted four of her crew for further medical assistance. The remaining three crew aboard the vessel were towed into Ramsgate where a medical team was waiting to provide assistance.

Allen Head, Training Divisional Inspector for the RNLI in the East, said: 'The volunteer crews of both Dungeness and Dover showed no fear in launching in what were horrendous conditions to assist the crew of this vessel. Those aboard certainly had a baptism of fire, being out in such weather, but our crews did everything possible to bring them ashore safely. On a day when thousands of people were returning back to work and their daily routines, our crew were out doing what they do best – saving lives at sea. Their commitment continues to impress myself and , I feel sure, the many generous supporters who help fund the RNLI'.


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