Historian, Management Committee Member and Minute Secretary

John Poole 2016

John joined the shore crew in 2006 and was promoted to Deputy Head Launcher in 2011 and Head Launcher in 2012, also in 2012 he was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. John retired as head launcher in March 2014 when the Mersey class lifeboat 'Pride and Spirit' left the station to be replaced by the new Shannon class lifeboat 'The Morrell'.

In September 2014 John took up the position as Minutes Secretary of the Management Committee.

John is married, has two daughters and five grandchildren, lives at Greatstone and is a retired ship's steward. He lists his hobbies as local history, natural history, sea fishing and wandering for miles at a time with his dogs across the Romney Marshes' beautiful countryside, nature reserves and beaches. John also has permission from several farmers and land owners to metal detect on their fields for ancient coins and artefacts.