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Scroll down for a selection of photographs from volunteers taken whilst Jack was filming

The following is copied from the Lifeboat Station Project website - lifeboatstationproject.com

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the incredible charity of brave volunteers who save lives at sea in the UK and Ireland. Amazingly, the organisation has been entirely funded by voluntary contributions for nearly 200 years.

Photography has been in Jack Lowe’s blood since he was a young boy. Aged 8, he received a Kodak Instamatic camera from his grandmother, a turning point from which he’s never looked back.

The earliest seeds of this project were sown in Jack’s childhood, when his love for lifeboats began. Much later in life, after a career in photography, Jack found himself searching for a change in direction — something that would take him away from sitting in front of computers all day!

Jack had the idea of travelling to all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations in the UK and Ireland to photograph them, in order to preserve a vital aspect of our island nation’s culture for generations to come.

And there’s a twist! Jack works as the Victorians used to, making the photographs on glass from his mobile darkroom — a decommissioned ambulance called Neena.

By visiting every RNLI Lifeboat Station in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Jack is creating an unprecedented archive, preserving a vital aspect of our island nation’s culture for future generations. The Project is the first time anyone has tried to create a complete photographic record of every single lifeboat crew, so it will have enormous historic significance.

The photographs will ultimately be showcased in a stunning exhibition and book, both of which are set to be huge fundraisers for the RNLI.

The Lifeboat Station Project is currently scheduled to be completed in 2020. A selection of the work has already been acquired for a National Collection.

Jack visited Dungeness lifeboat station on Thursday 20th September 2018 and below are a selection of photographs from volunteers taken whilst Jack was filming:- Judith Richardson LPO, Brian Wilkinson Vice Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and Samantha Clarke.