Stuart AdamsStuart Adams

Coxswain 1997 -

Stuart is the full time Coxswain of Dungeness Lifeboat and the Lifeboat Training Co-ordinator. His main role is to take command of the lifeboat on service calls, handle the boat when along side a casualty and if necessary co-ordinate surface searches involving other vessels looking for casualties. His day to day role is the upkeep of the boat and equipment.

His job also includes the planning and organising of crew training between Dungeness and the Lifeboat College in Poole. He joined the crew in 1977. He lives close to the station at Lydd on Sea and is married to Lisa, they have two children, Natalie and Jason. In 1992 he received the Chairman's letter of thanks and 1997 he received a long service medal from the RNLI. In 2006 he received a letter of thanks from the Director of Operations.

William Richardson

William Richardson (Willie)

Coxswain 1977 - 1997
Died 8th November 2010

William was a volunteer with Dungeness Lifeboat for 45 years. He became a crew member 1964 and emergency mechanic from 1969 until 1997. He became Coxswain in 1977. He was awarded a long service medal from the RNLI. On his retirement as Coxswain in 1997 he was given the RNLI's Coxswain's Certificate of Service which states 'during his period as an officer and crew member he performed his duties to the entire satisfaction of the Institution's Committee of Management. In 2000 he took over one the RNLI's Sea Safety Road Shows and toured the country as a Sea Safety Advisor with his wife Judith. In 2005, William was made Chairman of the Management Committee at the station and In 2006 was made the first Sea Safety Officer for the station.
He was a Kent County Councillor, a District Councillor and a Town Councillor for the local area.

William's RNLI funeral took place on Wednesday 17th November, 2010 in All Saints Church, Lydd.

Albert Haines

Albert Haines (Honker)
Coxswain 1975 - 1977

Tom TartTom Tart (Ben)
Coxswain 1965 - 1975
Silver Medal 1974

George TartGeorge Tart (Punch)
Coxswain 1947 - 1965
Bronze Medal 1956

Doug OillerC.W.D. Oiller (Doug)
Coxswain 1916 - 1947
Bronze Medal 1929

J. Pope
Coxswain 1894 - 1916